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Mobile Fog Generator

A self-contained robust fog generator on wheels

A heavy-duty rolling fog generator designed to be moved easily from one location to another. Especially suitable for military training environments requiring instantaneous high volumes of fog.


  • Dual output, instantaneous and continuous fog emission
  • Weather-resistant generator on wheels for easy transport

  • Compatible with MFG remote control, PLC or LOGIC interface

  • Automatic Purging System™ (APS™) to prevent build-up and clogging

  • Self-contained 6.5 L (1.7 US gallon) fluid reservoir and 9 Kg (20 lb) CO2 or N2 gas bottle

  • Large volumes of pure white fog: 300 m3 (10,000 ft3) per minute



Fog production

Up to 300m (10,000 ft )

Fog color

Pure white

Fluid consumption

3,12 litres (105.6 oz) per hour @ 3,45 bar (50 psi) (maximum operating pressure)

Fog fluid type (use only)

MDG Neutral Fluid (SDS available on request)

Fluid reservoir capacity

6,5 litres (1.7 US gallon)

N2 consumption

1,56 kg (3.44 lb) per hour at 3,45 bar (50 psi) (maximum operating pressure)

Gas bottle size

9 Kg (20 lb)

Particle size

0,5 - 0,7 micron

Purging system

Automatic Purging System™ (APS™)

Warm-up time

Maximum 10 minutes

Operating voltage

115 or 208 or 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Power consumption

2815 Watt

Isolated I/O signal

20 - 28 VDC

Connector type

MIL - C - 26482, serie I

Unit dimension (without gas bottle)

49,53 cm (19.5”)D * 76,20 cm (30”)W * 96,52 cm (38”)H

Remote dimension (model MFG)

14 cm (5.5”) L * 6,35 cm (2.5”) W * 3,8 cm (1.5”) H

Weight of the unit

73 Kg (160 lb) (without gas bottle)

Shipping weight

86 kg (190 lb) (without gas bottle)
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