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MDG Neutral Fluid


MDG Neutral fluid is a highly refined and filtered white mineral oil-base fog and haze fluid.

For use in

theONE, ATMe, ATMOSPHERE, ATMOSPHERE H.O., Me1, Me2, Me4, M3e, MAX 3000, MAX 5000, MAX 5000 H.O., M4c, MINI SINGLE, SINGLE, DUAL, WTG, PMFS - Fog Head, ADV, Theme Pack, and Mobile Fog Generators.

Available in the following sizes
  • 4-Litre (1 US gallon) bottle (box of 4)
  • 20-Litre (5.3 US gallon) container
  • 200-Litre (53 US gallon) drum
  • 1000-Litre (264 US gallon) tote/container